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John Kilgore Proudly uses Alto Red Eagle Clutches

The Kilgore TH400, or Turbo400, aka, the


The Ratios we offer in our package are 1:8 to 3:1, and you can order those ratios separately as well.

The Superlight weighs 105-116 pounds , depending on what trans brake you want. That's over 30 pounds lighter than stock!

The capacity is rated at 600 pound foot of torque, and one client is regularly running it at 850 pound foot with great results. It is consistently a top performer.

* SuperLight standard any gear ratio John makes, $4,495.00  
* SuperLight with transbrake any gear ratio John makes, $4,995.00.
ratio change free 

John Kilgore is a pioneering expert at creating custom ratios. Just tell him what you want to accomplish. He'll advise you on the most appropriate ratio and build it if necessary.

Don't hesitate to call John, he'll set you up right!

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Contact John Kilgore at 818-767-4480, or at
11132 Fleetwood St., Unit C
Sun Valley, CA 91352

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